We  Don't  work   with  the  following types  of  items...


   1.    Plasma TV  with broken screen (PDP panel)    Screen   replacement will cost you  same  money  as  a  new      TV.       It   is     just not  worth  it  !!


   2.    LCD TV   with broken screen (same reason as above).

   3.     Camcorders -   any type, any brand name.

   4.     Uncomplete     audio/video   equipment   (missing  parts or components)

   5.     VCR/DVD    players   older    than   5 years.

   6.      Plasma   TV   with burn-in image  (needs new   PDP panel)

   7.      We  do not sell a     DLP  LAMPS  to    customers.

         Please note that items left in shop more than 30 days without reason after repair  will  be  sold  in  '' For Sale section''  to cover  repair  and labor  cost.  No exeptions !!!!!!!!!!!

Samples of  items  we  do  not repair...

Broken Plasma Screen
(PDP  panel)
Broken LCD Screen
Plasma with Burn-in Image